Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Luke lately

Luke has been growing into such a BIG boy lately! I can not believe how time flys! On my mom's bday-May 29th- he told my mom and dad (Nonna and Papa) "I love you" for the very first time! After that it seemed like he began to repeat everything we said! Today I gave him a chicken nugget (Chicky chicky) and he told me "It's delicious"! He also went through a phase where he would say "um yes" and "um no". He had to put the "um" before every response but it's fallen off lately. He can say "mommy" when I ask him to but lately he's been calling me "mobbey". I'm not sure if he thinks I am a "mob mom" or what but it's pretty funny! He is talking up a storm and still making up his own words and language. He babbles a lot in converstaion and we just keep talking like we know exactly what he is saying and he loves it. He is a talker for sure...I wonder where he gets that from?

He also loves his shoes, socks, and hats. He is an accesories boy and he probably gets that from both Jeff and I since Jeff wears a hat almost every day to work. He also loves putting on my jewelry from necklaces to bracelets and I let him play in my jewelry box.

Luke could spend the entire day out doors if we let him. He began swimming lessons at the beginning of summer and loved it! Now he is over confident in the water which can be pretty scary at times since he jumps in whenever he wants head first. We did have an amazing swim instructor, Marcy , and she taught me a lot of lessons in the water as well!

Our family dog, Toots, and Luke have become great friends! Toots loves it when Luke "sneaks her food" but doesn't enjoy the tail and fur pulling too much ;)

Not only does Luke love Toots, he especially loves her while she is eating because that is about the only time she stays still long enough so he can pet her.

Luke loves to be outside and loves to help in any way he can so he helped a lot planting flowers and plants right before summer!

He loves to pretend to drive and it doesn't matter what it is!

Loves his ice cream or "ice ceeeem" as he calls it :)

He is such an animal lover...big or small it doesn't matter!

Daddy's shop is one of his fav places to be!

Luke is such a big helper!

Big boy brushing his teeth!

When I let him pretend he is driving he gets really happy and kisses me!

This is a rare sight to actually see him sit down long enough to look at a book!

Luke does love to go through my jewelry box but he is all boy when it comes to everything else :)

I had to add this picture because this is a RARE moment of Luke even sitting in a shopping cart-let alone SMILING while sitting in a shopping cart. I'm pretty sure I bribed hime with a sucker of some sort due to the purple/bluish color on his face. He hates to go shopping so it's always a battle- just like his daddy!

His favorite toy- a Handy Mandy truck from the Withers! He rides it everywhere!
Every Texan has a little cowboy in him!

A water baby through and through! He literally squeals when he sees the water park as we are pulling up!

Luke and Asher are best friends and only 3 months apart!

He is really into opening and closing doors!

Mr. Independent!

He is a huge "Uncle Jerry" fan!

Luke with his girlfriend, Avery, waiting to play outside

We think he was pretending to be a tourist here! He loves to get behind the camera and say "cheese"!

**Yesterday Luke and I went wedding cake tasting with my best friend, Meg. She made my day when she said that he is the happiest kid she has ever seen! It really made my heart happy! He is the best blessing and gift we could have ever asked for. He is perfect. I love my Luke.