Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Adventures #2

Sunday is the only day that Jeff gets off work so we try to make it a family day and ty to find something fun and different to do with Luke each time. The Flower Mound Pumpkin patch is always such a success and every year they get bigger and have more things for the kids to do! It's only $5 for parking and everything else is free...fabulous! This year they had a train ride, bounce houses, bounce slides, face painting, and tons of fun cut-outs and pumpkin houses for the kids to play in! They also had kettle corn and tons of other food booths including our fav-Fletcher's Corny dogs!

As soon as we arrived Luke saw the train and kept pointing to it so after a couple semi-successful pictures, Jeff and Luke got in line to go on the train. Once again, Jeff's legs were really too long to fit into those tiny bucket seats but he managed..and looked a tad bit uncomfortable. Luke loved it!! Oh the pain we go through just to keep our kids happy..hahahah!

Jeff looking not so comfortable in the tiny bucket seat...

But Luke sure is excited!!

I asked this nice man to take our picture and then I offered to take one of him and his family. I always offer to take pictures for people when there is a lot of picture taking going on...everyone always seems surprised and grateful. Just a nice thing to do and you never know when you will need someone to take a family pic for you :)

Luke was so brave as he climbed up this huge slide..he made it this far and then called for his daddy :)

Luke loves heights and going fast. Wonder where he gets that from? Not from me!

I love this carved out tree..spooky!

Luke was shocked and happy to see Clifford

Luke couldn't keep his hands off the yo gabba gabba characters. He kept pointing to Plex and Foofa and saying their names over and over..ha!

A country boy at heart

He started to get a little grumpy but with a little kettle corn and coke he was a happy kid again... BTW-we very rarely let him drink coke..that was actually Jeff's that he borrowed for a bit :)

I hope everyone attempts a family day at least once a week!! Making good important when life gets crazy busy :)

What I am thankful for in November thus far! Such is life!

This past week I had strep throat and brochitis (well at least I'm pretty sure I had Bronchitis)-I self diagnosed that one. I didn't even have a voice on Thursday so needless to say I couldn't go to work since I am a speech therapist...
I was pretty worried since I am considered a high risk pregnancy but my doctor assured me that since I am 21 weeks along with no fever that the baby would be fine. I started taking an anti-biotic Tuesday and I am finally feeling MUCH MUCH Better! Thank the Lord!! Jeff and Luke also had a sore throat and bad cough but Jeff wouldn't go to the dr so he still feeling a little cruddy. I am hoping he goes Monday..we shall see. But, Luke seems to be doing much better too and coughing a lot less so I am thankful for that as well!

On another note, the medicine I have to take for my blood clotting disorder is $1000 a month!! Since we have private insurance (BCBS) they only covered two months of it...
We paid $400 for it in October and were supposed to be paying $1000 starting Monday but we just couldn't fathom paying $1000 for medicine and asked my OBGYN for other options. So, the other option is a cheaper medicine (by $700) but we have to draw it out of the viles ourselves AND i have to take TWO shots a day..AHHH! I know I can handle it but before this entire shot-taking process, I was deathly afraid of needles. Jeff used to give me my shots but they became more difficult for him to give once my belly started growing. (I have to have the shot given to me in my stomach or hip) So I started giving them to myself and it's actually going quite well. I seriously have to distract my mind with a reality show (i prefer the real housewives of NJ or BH) while I give it to myself. And believe still takes me a long time to do!! Before each shot I think about how much McKenzie needs it and all of the people who have to take one or two or three everyday for their entire lives (like diabetics, etc)! So if they can do it..I can do it for another 4-5 months. God has given us the strength to get this far and has provided us with this healthy, precious baby girl- we are so very thankful!

So on a happy note, Luke's best friend, Avery, started going to school with him this past Tuesday. He has been going to a Montessori school for about 3 weeks now and is still having a difficult time adjusting. But since Avery went this week he seemed much more happy and willing to let me leave him at the drop off! After the first day of her being there, the teachers told me that he pretty much followed her around and commentated her every move. "Aby is sleeping, Aby is eating, Aby is playing, Aby is reading" Ha, I love it! I am so thankful that "Aby" as he calls her, is a school mate of Luke's now!!

Here are some pictures of them on a date at the duck pond a couple of weeks ago before it got cold! They really enjoyed feeding the ducks, turtles, and fish bread and tortillas :)I love these kids so much! I am so thankful for the Withers and that Luke and Avery have become such great friends!

I love how Luke attempts to hold her hand and then goes in for a hug! He truly loves this girl!

After their juice break-they headed to the playground

Luke was laughing hysterically at this little boy doing acrobatics in the swing beside him!
I can't wait to see these two grow up together..friends forever. Thank you Lord for this beautiful weather, my beautiful family, and my beautiful friends. We are so thankful for all you have provided for us and the strength you give us to get through each day! We are so thankful for YOU LORD!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Party

Our neighbors, the Walkers, decided to have a Halloween party for the kiddos. What a great idea! I loved seeing Luke dress up with his little friends. It was optional for the parents to dress up so OF COURSE Jeff and I joined in on the fun..we were a family of pirates. Our friends were pirates last year and let us borrow the costumes so it worked out great! Thank you Cochrans! Believe it or not, no one thought I looked pregnant in that pirate cosutume. I thought otherwise! What a great time..maybe we will have one next year!

Luke picked out his own costume and loved being a pirate! He kept saying, "I'm a pirate, ARRGGH"!

Sweet Betsy was a butterfly!
Luke Walker was Buz!
Luke is asking daddy for his sword..He's a little unsure of it because last time him and Nonna got into a sword fight he ended up with a busted lip. Complete accident and Nonna felt so bad. So everytime Jeff would get his sword out Luke would grab his lip and frown.
Family of pirates

So many blonde haired, blue-eyed boys :)-eating Luke's all time fav
It was hilarous trying to get a group pic of the kids..I'm pretty sure it never happened, at least one of them was always missing or trying to run out of the picture!

I love how Spiderman is just chillin in the background

Family pic time!

The Walkers made all their own costumes...besides Buz..from Toy Story! Love it!

Joe was having some "technical difficulties" :)

Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLLOWEEN!