Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Adventures #1

Every year we try to go to a pumpkin patch before Halloween. The first one we went to was with Aunt Hayhay and Asher a couple of weeks ago! Jeff went to the Baylor football game with his friend so Luke and I stayed the night with the Shimeks. There were a lot of football games going on that day..UT, TECH, Baylor, TCU, UNT. I'm not sure who all won but UT and Tech lost :(! Both of the teams Jeff and I "claim" during football season even though we went to UNT...because UNT doesn't have a great team..
We had a great time regardless of the losses and Luke absolutely loved spending time with his cousing Asher. It is such a blessing that Luke has a cousin who is only 3 months older and lives fairly close..I hope they stay close forever.

I love these boys soooooo very much!!!!

As soon as we let the boys out of the car they began trying to pick up very large pumpkins..grunting and the whole bit.

Luke finally figured out he wasn't going to be able to lift the big ones and opted for one more is size :)

I love these pics because it looks as if Asher is trying to figure out which one to choose and thinking "Hmmm, there are so many, which one do I want?"

Done and done..

This picture says it all..Do you see Luke in the background running? Him and Asher ran around the entire time and it was almost impossible for Haley and I to keep our eyes on them, gather pumpkins, and take pictures. I am sure it was very amusing to others, but we were exhausted by the time we left. Once we got in the car Haley asked, "Can you imagine doing that with 2 kids? Get ready!"

I had to post the "series of event" in these action shots. It was nearly impossible to get both of them to stay on the hay bale at the same time. And forget about them looking at the camera at the same time...I'm pretty sure they were trying to do everything in their power not to smile. Can you imagine what Haley and I were doing and saying to try to get them to smile?? It was pretty hillarious.

Asher decided he needed another pumpkin in the setting for the pictures :)

It didn't last too long but their attention span was definitely lacking that day!

Haley and Asher

The boys decorating their pumpkins with stickers that the pumpkin patch provided.

As soon as Asher would turn his head, Luke would attempt to dismantle his pumpkin sticker face..
Then he started in on our pumpkins! He loves to put things together and then take them apart. But the problem is that after he takes them apart, he refuses to put them back together again!

Game watching in intense in the Shimek home..flipping back and forth betweeen the Rangers and Tech.

Aww..cousing LOVE!
Not one but two Cliffords (he borrowed Asher's) and his "yuice"- ready for bed :)

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