Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Party

Our neighbors, the Walkers, decided to have a Halloween party for the kiddos. What a great idea! I loved seeing Luke dress up with his little friends. It was optional for the parents to dress up so OF COURSE Jeff and I joined in on the fun..we were a family of pirates. Our friends were pirates last year and let us borrow the costumes so it worked out great! Thank you Cochrans! Believe it or not, no one thought I looked pregnant in that pirate cosutume. I thought otherwise! What a great time..maybe we will have one next year!

Luke picked out his own costume and loved being a pirate! He kept saying, "I'm a pirate, ARRGGH"!

Sweet Betsy was a butterfly!
Luke Walker was Buz!
Luke is asking daddy for his sword..He's a little unsure of it because last time him and Nonna got into a sword fight he ended up with a busted lip. Complete accident and Nonna felt so bad. So everytime Jeff would get his sword out Luke would grab his lip and frown.
Family of pirates

So many blonde haired, blue-eyed boys :)-eating Luke's all time fav
It was hilarous trying to get a group pic of the kids..I'm pretty sure it never happened, at least one of them was always missing or trying to run out of the picture!

I love how Spiderman is just chillin in the background

Family pic time!

The Walkers made all their own costumes...besides Buz..from Toy Story! Love it!

Joe was having some "technical difficulties" :)

Hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLLOWEEN!

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