Sunday, February 28, 2010


OH my!! I have REALLY been stinking it up on my blogging idea!! I feel guilty because I was really going to try and keep up with it but....let's be stinks!!!! I even "forgot" to post the pictures from my Thanksgiving blog and have to go back and do that..hahahahahahahaha!!! So, one reason I stink at blogging is because my laptop has been VERY slow lately and it will barely upload pictures so I am taking it into get fixed this week!!Another reason I stink at blogging is because Jeff has literally been working 80+ hour weeks and I have had ZERO "me" time. "Me" time is time that is spent doing anything besides feeding, playing with, changing, or washing Luke, washing clothes/dishes, doing laundry, making dinner, grocery shopping, etc, etc, etc. So much has happened from January till now and I feel like I have sooooo much to catch up on so I made a promise to myself that I would really keep up with my blog starting in March and I also have to back track a little bit again because so many great events HAVE to be documented for Luke's memories.

I mean Luke is already 6 MONTHS OLD as of this past Friday!! I can't believe my little boy is 1/2 a year old!! I have to brag a little because I took him to Old Navy yesterday and about 6 people asked me if he was a baby model because they thought he was so dang cute!! He has grown a lot of hair lately and it curls at the top so he they say he looks like the Gerber baby.. I know, so cliche but I love it!

Anyway, just wanted to apologize to my 5 followers and promise that I will do much better starting in March when I get my computer all fixed up! Is fixed a word or is it just a word we use in TX? Oh well, it's my blog so I'm gonna use it even if it isn't!!! Love y'all and stay tuned for a lot of blogging/catching up to do!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Wow..I am really slacking on this blogging thing! It's just that I am watching my nephew, Asher Pants Harden, now and him and Luke keep me VERY busy! More about "Double Trouble" on another day because it's even exhausting writing about them and guess what? I'm exhausted...

So, I am trying to catch up to the present and I thought I would definitely have had it done by the end of January but it's February and here I am writing about Thanksgiving! This is the story of my life..always trying to catch up because I always have so much going on! I totally give props to all those working mamas out there who keep up with their blogging..Camila, KK, Linds (I'm counting Linds too even though she only works a couple of days a week because it's still bringing home a quarter of the bacon and I'm bringing home no bacon-just frying it for breakfast occasionally.)

Ok, back to Thanksgiving in Round Rock, TX with the Price Family!! So, for those of you who do not know, I am adopted. No I'm not really adopted but kind of adopted by my step-dad, Ted Price, who is really my dad but we never made it "legal" just because Dustin and I could never agree when to do it and my mom wanted both of us to do it at the same time. So I am 1/2 Price at heart because that is who raised mom and my step-dad. (There I go again, getting off subject.) I'm a Harden now so I guess it doesn't matter anymore..who cares about last is so much deeper than that..right?

Thanksgiving in Round Rock was fabulous because everyone was there! I will name them in pictures later in the blog so you can put a face to a name! It was so good to see my Grandma even though she was VERY ready to get the heck out of there right when we were trying to take the family picture. Oh my, do I have some stories to tell you about Grandma but that will have to be another post. Very few of our family pictures ever turn out because there is always someone looking off, picking their nose, frowning, etc. Now we have babies involved so it has gotten much harder to actually get a good one!
Grandma kept trying to leave every time the picture was about to be taken so we were literally pushing on her legs so she would not take of running towards the door. She has dementia so she does some odd things and one of them is that when she is ready to go then she is READY TO GO. What can you do? When I am 85 years old I want to be able to to do what I want when I want too!

Mom cooked the best dressing I have every tasted in my life! It was moist but not too moist and had just the right amount of everything in it! She is the best cook I have ever met and I aspire to be as good as her one day even though I am sure it probably won't happen because I think she enjoys it much more than I do. She loved seeing her three grand babies all in one place and they LOVE her! Annika is the oldest at 16 months and if Nonna is around she does not care a thing about anyone else. It's hilarious because she just crawls around the house saying "Nonna, Nonna, Nonna", and then Nonna finds her and picks her up and then she's the happiest girl in the world. My sister-in-law and Annika's mom, Rebecca, took a photo shoot of Annika, Asher, and Luke and it was hilarious because Luke is the youngest and he could not focus on ANYTHING so he looks wall-eyed (is this a word?) in every picture!!

I wish we lived closer to my fam..maybe one day...

We also drove down to NB for a day to see Jeff's dad and his side of the family. We got to visit with and introduce Luke to his Memaw, Don, Aunt Linda, Aunt Cinda, Leslie, Brandi, and Kari. We had a great Thanksgiving and can't wait to have many many many more with our little boy LUKE!