Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From Past to Present!

Well, I am not very tech-savvy and have been working on my first post since the 6th of January....I know, I know...pretty pathetic since the post wasn't even that grande! I have been tying to upload pictures from Luke's birth to present and let's just say I ran into some problems so I decided to try again and post them today while Luke is napping. So here are a few pictures from past to present..okay maybe not just a few but we hope you enjoy!

WHOA MOMMA! I was HUGE the day I went in to deliver baby Luke~ We joked about how disappointed I was going to be if he was a little baby...all that weight for nothing! Ha! Good thing he almost weighed 10 lbs!

First Picture Jeff took right after the c-section. Luke was literally born to "Beat It" by Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was literally playing loudly during the entire surgery and my doctor was dancing when they wheeled me in. It did ease my mind a bit but for a moment I thought I was in a Seinfield episode.
Poor baby had fluid in his lungs so the doctors are trying to suction it out. Neither Jeff nor I got to hold him because he was immediately wheeled away to the NICU. We were so scared but we prayed and had faith that God was with him and that he would be okay.
Haley and Asher waiting to see Luke. Haley and her mom, Leslie, made us this cute wreath to hang on the door. How thoughtful! But no one got to see him that night and so many people came to the hospital and waited for hours! Thanks family and friends! WE love ya'll and appreciate all your love and support!

The first time that Jeff and I really got a good look at him and actually got to touch him. I was so happy to see he was doing well but we were still very worried. It broke our hearts to see him covered in wires and and IVs.

He is holding on to Jeff's finger. He loves his daddy already.

First time I got to hold him in the NICU. What a sweet moment that I will never forgot. Thank you God for the greatest gift you have ever given us!

I had never seen Jeff in this "light" before and I have to say...when he held his son for the first time I fell in love with him all over again.

Erika and John Withers are some of our best friends and they came to the hospital a lot while we were there! She was one of the first people to hold Luke and now she is pregnant! She is due at the end of May and what a great mom she will be to sweet Avery!
Since Luke was in the NICU for 3 nights, we had to walk down and feed him every 2-3 hours. I was told to "pump" and try to get milk for the nurses to feed Luke. Let's just say every drop of colostrum was very valuable so Jeff would try to salvage as much as possible to take down to Luke. We felt so proud when we had something to take to the NICU even if it was only a few drops.
"YAY" Jeff says, "We have got a couple of drops!"

Every time anyone went to visit Luke in the NICU they had to wash their hands before going in. I hated walking through those doors because I wanted Luke to be at home instead of there so this picture is monumental in the fact that it lightened the situation when my brother, Dustin, came to see him. He splashed water all over his pants and of course I laughed like a 5th grader because it looked like he peed his pants. He was obviously a good sport about it. Love you Dustin.

Uncle Dustin holding Luke for the first time! I love the expression on Dustin's face...he is such a great dad to Asher and I know he is going to be a great uncle!

Aunt Haley and Luke! She was so excited to finally get to hold him!

Haley's parents, Jerry and Leslie Dunsmore, came to visit Luke in the NICU! We love the Dunsmores!

Baby Asher can't wait to meet his cousin....they are going to be best friends. How can they not when they are 3 months apart? Double Trouble is what we will call them..ha!

Our new addition to our little family! We are so proud..can you tell?

Aunt Rebecca came all the way from Austin to see Luke. It was perfect timing because he was released from the NICU right after they arrived!

4 day old baby Luke with Uncle Adam! Luke is so lucky to have 6 uncles!!!!

The first night Luke was able to spend in our hospital room. He seemed so content cuddled up to his daddy.

Lindy holding her first grandbaby. She held him for sweet.

We finally got to go home on Sunday! Luke was 5 days old and and we were thrilled to finally be home!

Look at those long fingers and toes!

Tootsie Roll Harden is sniffing out the new member of our family. I think she approves.

Nonna and Luke! Thank God she was with me every step of the way and then stayed a week after...I would not have survived without her! Thanks so much Nonna! Love you to the moon and back!

Garret and Kristin came to see Luke as soon as they got back from their honeymoon! Luke was due a couple of days before their wedding and we were so disappointed because we didn't think we were going to make it but......Luke was a week late so we were still able to go and it was such a beautiful wedding! Garret picked out his it

Uncle Josh and Aunt Kristy...looks like someone has baby fever..hahahahahha

Jen came almost every day to the hospital to see Luke and she finally got to hold him once we got home!

5 days old and what a big boy!

Linds was so excited to meet Luke and she is such a natural at caring for children that I know she is going to be a great mom!

I love this pic of Jess and Luke because they are matching and Jess looks so proud to be his aunt!
Erika bought him this peanut outfit and I love it because he looked like a peanut when we got our first sonogram but sorry to say this was the first and last time he got to wear it because he grew out of it!

6 days old...look at those lips. Pretty sure those are mine :)
Bridget is the best friend a girl to have! She gave us a playpen, breastpump, bassinett, monitors, bottles, clothes, pacifiers..etc! We could not have survived without her generosity and her parenting advice!

Lindsay, Jeff's cousin, and Aunt Carol made this shirts to wear to the hospital when Luke was born. Since he was in the NICU they decided to wear them to our house to meet him for the first time and I think they are ADORABLE! Kinley matches too..of course :)
One week old and sleeping like and angel.

Shari is a good family friend and came to meet Luke! She is ready for a grandbaby of her own..Hello Kristin and Garret :)

My dear friends from work came to see Luke and brought us lunch and dinner! Kecia, Robin, and Pat are my Gangsta Girls!

Robin holding Luke!

Pat and Luke!

Our little family (minus Toots)

I can't get over how long his arms and fingers are for such a young guy!

Nonna giving Luke a breath of fresh air!

This picture cracks me up because it's the first time Jeff unloaded the Diaper Genie and needless to say that smile is really one of shock becuase he could not believe how many diapers the little man went through in a week!

We are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends who sent us these beautiful flowers and gifts to the hospital!

Uncle Dustin and Asher come to visit Luke for the first time at our house. Luke is a little over a week old and Dustin always joked about him sleeping too much...I miss those days because now he never sleeps!

12 days old and he already has such a big personality!

The toes just keeping getting longer!

Megster and Luke! She is ready to be a mommy... HELLO BRAD GET THE BALL ROLLING! HA!

Luke peed on Jill as soon as she picked him up but it didn't phase her at all!

The cousins came to visit Luke! Chris and Cary with Luke at 12 days old!

Cousin David with Luke...such a natural :)

Kristi made dinner for us and we were so grateful! I couldn't cook for a long time.....

Could he get anymore relaxed?

Jeff wasn't too fond of these pj.s because he said they looked like a dress..
My friend and previous co-worker with Luke. Jessica is a Kindergarten teacher at NR and I don't how she does it everyday :)
Becca is a Trans-k teacher at NR and boy do we have some interesting stories to tell about my first year there! She loves Luke!

My best friend from Georgetown, Susan Gunn-Henson, with Luke! I have known her since 6th grade!
Jeff's friend, Jessie Pavelka, took time off his busy Hollywood schedule to come and meet Luke! He just became a dad himself to a healthy little boy! Congrats Jessie!

Jeff with Luke at 17 days old. He is getting the hang of parenting now and he is pretty darn good at. It took him a while to figure out how to hold him....

I'm finally starting to feeling normal now at almost 3 weeks post surgery! Now I can really enjoy being a mom!

Jeff's dad came to visit Luke and I have to say that he was so excited to meet his first grandson! 3 generations!

I love baby feet!
Bull and Inie came to visit all the way from East Texas! They were proud of their great-grandbaby!! I can't believe they have 4 great grandchildren now and Luke is the youngest!
Luke loves Bull and just kept staring at him!

Luke's little foot is bandaged because we had to go to the hospital for the rest of his blood work. We had a NEW nurse and he did not know what he was doing! He had to prick his heel twice and got blood everywhere..needless to say that Luke was not a happy camper and he let us know it. You could hear his screams down the hallway...
But look how content he is of his favorite places to be.

20 days old with Aunt Haley! He loves his pacifier!
"What are you looking at?!?" -Luke
Me and Luke at 3 weeks old! I can't believe how fast time flys!
Handsome boy with blue eyes and blonde hair!
He is finally beginning to enjoy his baths at 3 weeks but he barely fit into the tub so we had to take out the whirlpool equipment..ha!

I went a little overboard and bought Luke 6 Halloween outfits to try on and he was not happy. As you can see we didn't even get the pants on because he was kicking and screaming like a little maniac!

We decided the dragon costume was not a go so we opted for the spider because he cried the least in it.

See... a little happier..

Ok, nevermind..
Hello little man! Luke is 5 weeks old!

Mom, dad, Dustin, Haley, and Asher came to stay the weekend and we had a blast with the babies..despite the gas problem. Firemen stomping through my house was a first...
Luke sleeping between Nonna and Papa.
Awww, Nonna and Papa love their new grandbaby! Now they have two boys and one girl. Jeff and I need to have a girl to even things out a bit..but not for a while :)

Papa and Luke at 38 days old! The boy is getting big..still 100 percentile for weight and 98 percentile for height! Luke and Asher in Luke's crib. Asher loves to use Luke as a chew toy.
He can sit up now if you stick him in the corner of the couch and no..he is not REALLY daddy's wingman..or at least he better not be..HAHA!

6 weeks old!

Luke and I went to visit Aunt Jess on October 8th which was his first big outing. It was so good to see her and the beautiful exhibits she helped design!

This was the first time Luke wore shoes and he loved his "little man" outfit :)

Asher and Luke were arguing over who was going to get the most candy on Halloween..

The DeLaRosa family at the UNT Homecoming parade-Bridget, Jackson, Abe, and Tristan. What a good looking family!

Me, Haley, Jen, and Bridget at UNT Homecoming parade. Haley graduated from Tech but wore a UNT shirt because I made her....Dustin wasn't going for it and opted for a Tech shirt instead.

Chris, Jeff, Brandon (AKA-Sanderson), Stewart, and Jerry at the parade. Jerry, where is your UNT green and your school spirit?

The Harden family dressed up to support the EAGLES even though we had a feeling they were going to lose....Again

Bridg and I were going to be-dazzle our jersies but it never happened. Next year they will get be-dazzled.

Asher even got into the UNT spirit!

Jen and Luke!

Luke is grumpy from being out all day..

Megster and Bradster come to visit..What a cute little family :)

Aunty E bought Luke his "first Halloween" outfit. She spoils him!

"Just chillin' in my favorite chair."-Luke
Halloween at the Dunsmore's!
"Ok, so this costume isn't so bad."-Luke

Haley, Asher, Leslie, me, and Luke waiting for trick-or-treaters. Halfway through the night we had to change their costumes. I think Luke had one more that we didn't get to so you will see him dressed as a scarecrow around Thanksgiving.
"Love me a bubble bath-just chilaxin."-Luke
Luke visiting Nanny for the first time!
She loves her great grandbabies!

Four generations of fun!
Luke visiting Papa Oscar for the first time and he is trying to throw up his Horns sign for him :)

Hook em' Papa O!

Jeff sleeping with Luke's horsey and Luke sleeping by himself...HA! Me, Jordan, and Luke at Jordan's birthday. Luke dressed up for her and wore khakis and a tie.
"Dad, you are always kissing on me..enough is enough.."-Luke

Luke still hates "tummy-time" but he is already 2 1/2 months old so he better learn to love it or he will never crawl!
Saray came all the way from Chicago to meet Luke!
Luke loves him some Saray!

My first "night out" with my girlfriends!

Jeff, Jerry, and Luke joking around outside of our casa.

Lindy's 60th birthday dinner-Josh, Kristy, Jerry, Jessica, Jeff, Luke and me!
3 generations!
Kecia and Luke visiting Robin at her new Art Studio!

"Well, Lindy..How you doin'?"-Luke
Luke is playing coy.
Sue's mom, Jackie, and Luke on Thanksgiving day! He is talking to his bear...that is the person he confides in most.
Sue, Cody, and they have baby fever :)
Me and Sue!
We love and miss you Sue!
Luke and his bear taking a nap before the big Thanksgiving feast.