Monday, October 31, 2011

Luke's first State Fair experience!

Last Sunday Jeff, Luke, and I braved the Texas State Fair on the last day... When we pulled up to the chaotic parking lots I thought that maybe it wasn't a good idea after all but Jeff said there was no way we were leaving without a Fletcher's corny dog. So we found a parking space (not too far into the ghetto) and started the 1/2 mile walk to the front gates. On our way a young couple in a golf cart stopped us and gave us three free tickets! They were part of the Fletcher family (we think the guy was either the grandson or son of the man who started Fletcher's corn dogs!) Jeff thanked him and told him one of the main reasons we came was to eat a Fletcher's corn dog! How nice and ironic was that!!! He promised him that as soon as we got into the fair we would eat a corny dog and that's just what we did!

Jeff and Luke venturing to the front gates
We made it!
First stop- Fletcher's corny dogs..mmmmmmm good
Next stop- kids rides and Luke was in heaven!
The faster the car went..the more he loved it! He is such a little dare devil!!

The little boy on sitting on the outside got squashed by Luke everytime the car took a corner...
but they were both all smiles!

He looked a little bored during the airplane ride but when it stopped he didn't want to get off.

Jeff was such a trooper because he could barely fit into the rides and his knees stuck out every where... I later asked him if he had fun on the roller coaster and he said he was examining the durability and "how it had been set up so poorly" most of the
Luke did not want to stop for a picture break..He kept saying "ride rides ride rides". So after buying more tickets we stopped at the Monster Truck Ride and Luke was thrilled!

Luke kept trying to make this ride go round and round and Jeff was getting sick..ha!
Third stop- stockyards- fun and smelly!

Luke thought the HUGE pig or "Sow" as Jeff called it, was hillarious! Every time it would snort he would laugh and squeel! I wish I had taken a picture of it but I was too busy tryin to get Luke's was too funny!
The show barns where Jeff showed his animals as a kid was quite nastolgic for him. He used to go with his family every year to show pigs and such.

As soon as we entered the big petting zoo area, Luke tried to climb over the fence to the animals. I think he was a little over stimulated with the mass of people and animals galore...

I couldn't get over all the exotic animals they had there..I hadn't even heard of most of them before.
Luke kept looking up at me like "mom, are you sure this is ok?"

I loved seeing all of the mamas with their babies!

Zebras, camels, minature horses, pigs,!

The big mama was at the exit doors and I had to take a picture because most women have felt like this a time or two....I felt a little sorry for her..she seemed exhausted.

By the time we got out of there I think I squirted a gallon of hand santizer on all of us..

Always trying to herd this little boy from running away from us or getting into something he's not supposed to be in.

This little guy loves ladders and it was amusing watching Jeff try to keep him from climbing them.

We decided to leave the trade shows..wasn't a good place for Luke to be.

The GREAT STATE OF TEXAS! The wind mills were made out of state license plates..very cool.
Jeff is putting up a Tech sign and I was trying to get Luke to do the Hook em sign, yes I know neither one of us went to Tech or UT but we claim different schools during football season bc UNT doesn't have a real team..ouch
We asked Luke what he wanted to do next and he clearly stated "Ride the rides" so off to the rides we went.
We were shy two tickets to get Luke on the motorcyle ride but I told the ticket guy I would go get two more if he would just let him on. Jeff freaked out a little and said "Hurry, go get two more tickets! He has our kid!" (Like they were going to hold him for ransom for 2 state fair ride tickets)..hahahhaa

He was real serious about it at first..

But once the ride started he LOVED IT! I'm pretty sure it was his favorite since he talked about motorcycles for days after.

Luke was sad to leave but it was getting dark and Jeff was scared we were going to get "jumped" on the way out...seriously.

We will see you again next year State Fair..thanks for a good time! And if you haven't tried a Fletcher's Corny Dog, then you MUST! They are DELICIOUS!

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  1. Oh wow! I think we have to make a visit to TX for the state fair one of these years soon!