Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pink=Life Change :)

This pregnancy has been so different than my last one with Luke. I felt very care-free while I was pregnant with Luke. I didn't worry too much about the baby because I just "knew" that everything was going to be ok. This time around I have been much more worried and stressed. I think this is due to the fact that I had two miscarriages prior to this pregnancy and I was diagnosed with a blood-clotting disorder. I would dread each doctor's visit.."Please let there be a heartbeat", I would beg God. One of the saddest things a woman can see is a sonogram picture with no heart beat. As I am writing this I am crying because it is too pain full to even think about.

The beautiful-relieving news is that I started to feel this little baby kick and squirm very early on.. at about 13 weeks. I think this was God's way of reassuring me this baby was healthy and thriving. At our 18 week appointment we were able to find out the sex. Jeff and I had planned on throwing a very small gender reveal party that Saturday-the apt was on a Friday, Oct 14. I wanted to wait and find out with everyone at the party but Jeff was set on finding out together at the apt. The day before the doctor's apt. Jeff said he thought we were having a girl because God was pushing him to the limits lately. Jeff has always wanted a little girl so I was hoping that God would give us one.

Back to the doctor's soon as we were called into the sonogram room Jeff said, "We can wait". I thought, "No way, you talked me into finding out now and now I want to know!" So we decided to find out together with Luke, of course. The sonogram tech asked Luke what he was going to get..a brother or a sister. He responded "sister". She looked up at us and said, "Everytime I ask a very young child what the gender is, they always know." We then began to view the monitor and immediately saw the baby kicking, squirming, and doing flips! The tech said, "Wow, this is a very active baby!" It took her at least 30 minutes to be certain of the sex. She then paused the picture and asked, "Do y'all see anyting?"-Pointing to the blank space between the legs..."no, we replied" a little dumbfounded. "It's a girl!" She exclaimed! My first thought was "Life Change!"

I started laughing and Jeff looked as though he was going to pass out. I asked him if he was ok and he said yes. He then smiled and said, "I knew God was going to give us a girl." I asked if he was happy and he said "Of course, I'm just scared of the money part..I need to get you a separate bank account immediately." Ha! So Luke and Jeff were right..WE ARE HAVING A GIRL! She is healthy and active and almost 20 weeks old!! We feel SO SO SO SO SO grateful and very blessed! THANK YOU LORD and THANK YOU to all of our family and friends who have prayed for us during this journey!

We just found out "IT's A GIRL"! I think we are both a little shocked and happy of course! The sweet sonogram tech took our picture!

These are the cupcakes everyone cut into at the find out "It's a GIRL"!

A couple of weeks ago I had asked Linds to buy me some "non-alcoholic" wine if she ever found any. I was kidding but.. she did!! Love you Linds! It really tastes like a sweet red wine! She named it "Mama Mocktails"!

Luke is so excited to be a BIG BROTHER!

The Shaffstall family! Amanda helped me so very much through out the fertility process!

Baby Jackson is the sweetest little boy!
Jen and Linds both thought it was a girl and therefore wore pink :)

The votes are in- 9 "think Girl" & 7 "think Boy"

I failed to mention that everyone at the dinner thought Jeff and I were waiting to find out the gender with them..during the cupcake cutting. Well not "everyone"! Here is a picture of me trying to fib as my friends try to get the truth out of me! They suspected that I knew all along and they were right! We told them we already knew right before they cut their cupcakes :)
Our parents were thrilled and I'm pretty sure my mom squeeled!!
I loved seeing everyone's reaction!
Aunt Jess is OVER THE MOON! YAY!
pink icing inside the cupcakes!

The Walkers= the best neighbors ever!!

Nonna and Papa!

The Shimek family!
The Hardens!
Kristin is due December 30th and I am due March 15th! Our girls will be best friends!
Our family of three will be a family of FOUR soon enough!!! XOXOXO


  1. I am SO excited for you! What a great post. I remember how nervous and scared I was the first 4 or so months of my pregnancy. Miscarriages change you forever and I would not wish one upon anyone.

    Love you!

  2. Love this!!! Knowing you is such a beautiful blessing and I am so touched after reading your new blog. Full of excitement for you and your family Natalie! :)

  3. Yay for another girl! So, so excited for yall! Love you!