Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Gibson's Wedding Weekend!

So I am usually not too good of a match maker but when I introduced Meg to Brad over 5 years ago IT WAS A MATCH :)! Meg has been one of my closest friends for almost 10 years, lived together, and went to grad. school together. I met Brad in undergrad and we would study together in the UNT library. One night Meg and I went out and ended up seeing Brad at the bar. I introduced them and the rest is history....

This past weekend was their wedding in Denton and it was such a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding!
Here are some pics of the wedding festivites and the wedding!

The bridesmaids went over to Meg's parents house the night before the rehersal to learn a line dance for the wedding reception. I was a little nervous about it at first but after hours of practicing we got it down!

I think my belly has def gotten bigger the past week or so..thankfully I fit into my bridesmaids dress!

All the Texas girls at the bridal luncheon...yes, I am the only one in jeans..I didn't get the dress memo..

Megan with her bridesmaids. Don't you love the robes she had made for us?!?!
The Cochran Ladies!
The St. Louis Girls..I can't believe the Rangers played the Cardinals on Meg's wedding day and Meg is from St. Louis..crazy!
Luke was in love with Brad's neice, Addison! She was a junior bridesmaid and the sweetest girl ever! She helped us so much with the kids-she is going to be a GREAT mommy one Day!
The rehersal dinner was on the deck of Poorhouse in was perfect weather!
Meg made shirts for the ring bearers and flower girls. Luke's said "Ring Security" and had his name on the back..adorable!
Meg with her ring bearer and flower girl!
Luke has love for the "older ladies" and Zoe is one of them :)

Wensdy and her husband, Josh..Wensdy is one of Meg's oldest friends- they grew up together since they were in diapers..i think.
The Jacksons and the Hardens.. i really wanted a drink too!

Meg's wedding day-we spent quite a while in the bridal room before the ceremony..trying to calm Meg's nerves by dancing and being goofy.

We were worried about Luke making it down the aisle becaue he missed his nap but right before the ceremony he seemed to be in a good mood as you see here. But, as soon as the door opened to the church..he screamed so loud that we could here him at the first pew. Needless to say, he didn't make it down the aisle, but he sure looked cute in his tux!
Erin was our roommate in college! Miss her!

Of course Luke was in a great mood again..AFTER the ceremony!

Love me some Jordan!
Thank God for Nonna! I don't think Luke could have survived the weekend without her!
Luke met Megan's neice at the wedding and was immediately enamored :)

I just love the pics of these two! They could be brother and sister! My mom said she looked like a little Reese Witherspoon! I would have to agree..adorable!

Luke didnt sit still through the entire reception..poor Jeff chased him around the entire time!

We all had a fabulous time on the dance floor!

The Bridesmaids doing the line dance with the father of the bride!

Dancin, dancin, dancin!
I will leave you with this hillarious picture of us with our cowboy hats on...mine looks a bit too small! HA! And I apologize for any misspellings..this one was difficult to write with a little monkey hanging on me the entire time! :)

Congrats to MEG AND BRAD!!!!

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