Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adventure in the country!

The morning of the Easter Egg Hunt Luke was in a GREAT mood!! He was so happy to be at Nonna and Papa's and was thrilled to be hanging out with cousin Asher! They started the morning off right with some good breakfast and Yo Gabba Gabba. Then we went to Nanny's house (way out in the country) for an Easter Egg hunt! I laughed looking back on the pics because we look very wind blown in most! There are not many trees out there and they live on a hill and it was very very windy that day. After Nanny's house we headed over to Papa Oscar's for a short visit!

PS.There are A LOT Of pics on this post!! As you all know I am a pathological picture taker so it's inevitable these days!

Luke in a very good mood!

Asher usually LOVES this monkey-it makes music and dances-so I am not quite sure why he was making this face at it!

I can't get enough pics of Luke receiving and giving hugs-i love it

Eating Breakfast...

And watching gabba equals a very good morning for the boys!

This is pretty funny because it looks like Luke is going in for a hug...but he was unfortunately just trying to get Asher away from his lawn mower.

I got these little animals that "poop" eggs for the kids. They make animal sounds too so Luke and Asher were entertained for quite a while!

How sweet are these cousins?
Uncle Michael and Asher
Luke was not very happy when we took his paci away---he has been very needy of it since he has been teething AGAIN!
Asher and Luke on the tractor...they LOVED IT!
Luke kept trying to use the keys to turn it on!

Aunt Haley and Asher walking to meet the puppies!

Luke is such an animal lover!

The puppy is licking Asher's ear! I love his expression!

Luke taking a break from outside with Nonna!
Aunt Haley and Cousin Karly!
Katie, Me with Karly, Taylor and Haley!!

Papa with Luke and Asher

Uncle Dustin and Asher

Luke and Karly playing

Karly is so CUTE!!!

I love my Nanny!! We (Asher, Dustin, Luke, and I) get our curly hair from her!

Anticipating the BIG EGG HUNT!

Jeff and Nonna filling Easter Eggs-wait nevermind, Nonna is filling Easter Eggs and Jeff is just filling his belly with food!
Aunt Taylor and Karly

Hiding eggs. Well, Not really hiding them but it was the boy's first Easter Egg Hunt so we wanted to make it easy.

The Hellums!
Almost ready!!

Luke would not even touch an egg until he made sure his ears were on!!
We finally took the ears away so he could hunt for eggs

Nanny had to help Luke out-He wasn't really sure what to do..he had never been egg hunting before!

Asher didn't need any help! He totally had the hang of it..

A tad bit windy :)

Taylor showing Luke how to use the water gun but...
They were shooting water at themselves!

Papa and Robert taking in the action!
After the hunt we went to see Papa Oscar and by the time we got there the boys were acting a little bit on the wild side...

These boys were so restless at Papa's so Jeff entertained them for us...

They were on Jeff's back at this point!

Papa playing with Luke! He is so ticklish!

Luke attempting to start a pillow fight with Papa Oscar!

The Harden fam with Papa Oscar

The Shimek fam with Papa!

What a memorable day with family!

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  1. yall are so cute!! love those matching overalls!!!