Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Friday = Good friends and family

I know I haven't posted in forever but life just got really busy when we got back from Easter! I can honestly say that I am so READY to be done with work on JUNE 2!!! The countdown begins! I think I only have 5 days of work left..I can survive! We have had a lot going on and God keeps blessing Jeff's business with lots of work too so that keeps him very busy! God is goood! So with work and all our friend/family events it's already Mid-May and I am am finally posting on Easter! We got back from Austin and I began to write about the weekend but never finished due to a CRAZY week back to work! Then I got pink eye for the 2nd time a couple of weekends ago and missed out on all The Denton Arts and Jazz Festival! NOOOOO FUN! And then we had the Knowle's Sip and See and Avery's 1st Bday (which I will post on tmw)! With that being said..I hope you all are VERY well and am glad to be back! So here it is my friends..our fun filled Easter Weekend post-and then I will update on everything else going on in our lives!

On Good Friday we drove down to the Austin area to spend the Easter weekend with my side of the family. We stopped in Georgetown (my hometown) to meet my long-time friend, Becca, and her daughter Kate for lunch and a play date. Luke and Kate played so well together and it was so good to see Becca. Becca and I have been friends since 4th grade! She was one of the first people I met at school when we moved to Georgetown from Austin. She says she remembers what I wore on the first day of school- A New Kids On The Block shirt, a blue jean skirt, large bright colored hoop earring, and my hair in a pony tail! HA!!! I remember looking around thinking, "These kids dress like dorks in Georgetown." I was probably the one that looked completely out of place!! They were all wearing polos and khakis and I was dressed like Debbie Gibson! Anyway, we have been friends ever since and it is always good to see her, her husband Trey, and sweet little girl Kate!!

After the play date we headed to Georgetown to meet up with my brother Adam, his daughter Annika, and wife, Rebecca. Luke and Annika were so cute together! They have a lot of love for each other! Annika was very talkative with Luke and it was great to see them communicating and playing with each other! This was definitely one of those days that I wished I lived in the Austin area again. I have so many friends and family there and I miss them so much!

Becca and Kate at Dos Salsas
Kate gave Luke this cute cookie on a stick and that's all he would eat for lunch

Our first trip to Dos Salsas was fun!

We went over to Becca's after lunch so the kids could play together and they were so cute with eachother!
Kate LOVES to swing!
The McLendon Clan
The Harden Clan
Me + Becca=friends for 20 years!!
Swinging swinging swinging

Peirre- a cute cat but also a cheating cat..right Bec? :)
Luke loves sidewalk chalk!

What a tree hugger!

Kate and Luke in deep conversation
Luke giving Kate some love xoxo

Another one of Luke's favorite things to do is water plants and flowers and he has been known to do it for hours if we let him!

Thanks for the play date Kate!! We hope to see you again soon!!!

Then it was off to see the family!

Cousin Annika and Luke having a drink stand off
Luke was so happy to see his Nonna!

One of Luke's fav things to do is play on the couch or bed and have a pillow fight!

Luke fell down and hit his head so Annika decided to comfort him! So sweet!
She is telling him that his head is "otay"!

They had a blast playing with the door stop- I mean really?? Ha!

Annika is famous for her "feeling" impersonations. I'm not sure how she was feeling here..
But she was "sad" here
She was "sleepy" in this one
And "excited"
"Angry" with eyes closed
"Angry" with eyes open
Luke is watching her and thinking that her acting is hillarious!

Aunt Rebecca feeling the love!

Jeff and Uncle Adam hanging out
Annika pretending to dance like the monkey! She is so funny!
Luke and Annika practicing holding their Easter baskets for the next day!
Luke talking on the phone!

Finally, playing some piano together!!

Playing with Uncle Adam!

Loving Uncle Adam!


  1. Natalie,
    Those photos are AMAZING! I'm laughing and crying looking at all these sweet photos of Luke and Annika and feeling so grateful for the lifelong relationship they're (and Asher) all going to have. Thank you so much- they are AWESOME!!

  2. Those photos of comforting Luke- it told a whole story and I was really laughing! All of them are so cute!!!!!!!! And I am going to have to have some of them so I can print them out and put them in her photo album, so try to email them to me. They are all SO GOOOOOOOOD! Yikes now I'm mad that I didn't take out my camera more. Your photos are sooooo good!!

  3. Thanks Rebecca! You know that you can download them from the blog right? Everytime I have tried to email pics from this MAC no one is able to download them but I can try again! I know..I love love love the pics of them together! Annika is so kind and gentle with Luke! It is so precious!

  4. They are soooo cute!!! It looks like y'all had a great holiday!!! I can't believe I am just looking at these for the first time. It makes me wish we could have been there. I am soooo excited to visit with everyone in the summer! :)