Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hola Grady!

The Harden family threw Kristi and David a Sip-N-See dinner for the newest little addition to the Knowles Family-Grady Cannon! He is just the cutest little thing-with BLONDE hair! We had a Mexican style dinner, a pinata, and lots of family and friends over! Welcome to the family Grady Cannon!!

These were some of the "fixins" to go on the fajitas!
Jessica made the most amazing Sangria ever!
Grady's initials-and believe it or not- each letter took about 1 1/2 hours!!
Inie and Bull were the first to arrive and Luke wasn't awake yet!

Jess and Kristy setting up!
Uncle Jerry and The proud papa, David!
Jess, Happy new mommy-Kristi, and me!

Inie and Grady!

Bull and Inie!!

Some of the ladies-eating!

The sandbox was a major hit! The kids loved it! Jeff should sell these!

I love how Aubrey is the only lady eating and chatting it up with the men!

Kinley is just hanging out in the sandbox :)

I love how the little girls will get right in the middle of the sandbox and don't care at all about getting dirty and Luke on the other hand...if he gets a little grain of sand on his shoe he freaks out!

Aunt Lois is laughing because she cut out a piece of cake and then put it back in so I could take a picture! haha!

Grady has some powerful lungs!!

The Harden Family dressed "Mexican" style :)


The beginning of the hug fest-kids are so funny.

The Pinata bashing begins!

Ben is showinging Luke how to hold the stick-since he is a lefty too! Maybe Luke will be a great baseball player like Ben one day ;)
He tried..but wasn't too good at it..maybe next time he will get the hang of it!

Sweet Harper!

Luke thought the broken pinata was funny!

Aunt Carol, Lindsey, and Cary with Baby Grady!
Kinley was so sweet to baby Grady..she is going to be such a great big sister!
Me and Jess goofing around..blame it on the sangria

Kristi and her mom

Senor David

Luke was freaked out when Harper had the mustache on..he kept trying to pull it off!

Proud parent-Kristi and David!

After everyone left Aubrey and Luke had some fun together-jumping on Jerry's bed :)

Lindy did most of the food for the party and it all turned out so good! Thanks so much Lindy!

The Knowles Family of FOUR!!!

We are so happy we got to celebrate Grady Cannon Knowles!!!

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  1. Ahhh! How CUTE is this party!! Your decorations look awesome! I am SO SAD we missed this. It stinks living so far away!!