Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blue Goose and Kinley's Bday party

I am finally posting events from not last weekend but the weekend BEFORE last weekend! I'm really trying to get better about blogging "on time". Anyway, Friday we started with a nice dinner at Blue Goose in Highland Village. The weather was great so we sat outside on the patio. Bad idea because of Luke. There is a sprinkler park right by Blue Goose and Luke kept wanting to run over and play with the other kids in the water. So, through most of dinner Jeff was chasing him around the restaurant and the water. He let me visit with my girl friends and took Luke home. What a great husband right?
I know I say this a lot but girlfriends are so important to me. I grew up with 4 brothers and 0 sisters so I always considered my girlfriends sisters and I still do. I take friendships very seriously and think that's one of my best attributes-being a good friend. God blessed me with the most gracious, selfless, caring, fun friends and I am so grateful.

Here are a few pics from Blue Goose:

Luke is running from me-out of Blue Goose-towards the water.

Saturday morning we went to Kinley's 2nd Birthday party! Lindsey did an amazing job of planning and putting the entire party together! This girl is CREATIVE!!!!

It was such a cute party and the kids had a blast! The theme was TuTus and Ties! Get it for turning TWO? Two-Twos? I loved it!

The very first thing Luke HAD to do was bounce in the bounce house! Always a hit!

The birthday girl!

A basketball hoop in the BOUNCE HOUSE! Luke is thinking "what could be better?"

Cousin Aubrey and Luke play so well together! I love it!

Lindsey made the ties for the boys!
Mom (Linds) and Kinley!

Kinley is concentrating on making a wish!
Cute family!
Sweety pie Aubrey!
I love the tulips get it? "twolips"!

Kinley is hugging her friend-how sweeeeeet!
They are talking serious talk.
Jeffrey. Luke. Me.
Chris is teaching Luke "how to blow it up". He has great parenting skill already.

Lovin his daddy!

This little girl was precious in her pink tutu and wagon!
Kinley got an Easter basket and eggs for a birthday present and she was so excited!
Jess was cracking me up in Luke's tie!

Jess and Aubrey shaking their tutus!

The preggo gals and GUESS WHAT?!?!?!? Kristi had a BOY yesterday!!! Grady Cannon Knowles!! I can't wait to meet him!
Aubrey and her daddy David.
Cary and Chris are due very soon with another boy to add to the fam!! Yay for boys!

Uncle Jerry is da bomb ditty
Lindy and Luke
Luke is saying Bye and taking the cooler of beer with him (no comment)

For MORE AMAZING pics of the party and the TIE TUTORIAL go to:

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  1. Love your pics from Kinley's party! Thanks for the post and shout out!