Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My love for Denton runs deep- Especially for KEIICHE'S SUSHI

Every couple of weeks I want to do post called "My love for Denton runs deep" and write about all the great things Denton has to offer. I am not from Denton but I definitely feel like I am. I moved here right after I turned 21 to transfer from SFA to UNT. I fell in love with it immediately because it reminded me of a small Austin. The people were so nice and "down to earth"- not pretentious at all. I loved the way the town revolved around the Arts-tons of live music-photography, paintings, hand-made clothing and jewelry, plays..etc. You get my drift.

These are things that I still love about Denton but now that I have been here almost 10 years I have found so many more things that appeal to me and others when they visit this great big/little town. I find myself getting defensive when people cut Denton down which makes me laugh when I think about it. I don't own Denton and I'm not the Mayor but I really do love it. Jeff and I met here and fell in love and are growing our family here and that's got to play a part as well. He started his businesses here and they are thriving in this great community so Denton has blessed us in many ways. The people here love the local businesses and try to support them as best as they can. The colleges here, UNT and TWU, are also amazing and so well diversified. Anyway, I could go on and on about why my love for Denton runs deep and that is why I am going to post on it every now and then.

This post will focus on KEIICHES. Keiiche is a man who was born and raised in Japan until he was 18. At that age he was working in a Japanese restaurant when some men came in to talk with him. They were actually "American sushi recruiters". Is that even a true adjective or name or job?I don't know but this is what Keiiche told us. Anyway, they recruited him to come to America to work in their sushi restaurant in Dallas and he went!!

Years and years later he ended up buying a small building in Denton (on the outskirts of the square) through Scott Brown Commercial. He renovated this "little hole in the wall" and turned it into the most fabulous sushi restaurant imaginable. He only seats 10 people at the sushi bar at a time and has another table for 4 on the side and then a bar on the opposite side that seats 4 people. The bar and table on the sides are more private. The sushi bar for 10 surrounds him as he cooks and makes sushi for all to see and it is a true, raw form of entertainment. Did anyone get that? Raw entertainment..hehehe.

He makes the BEST SUSHI AND STEAK IN THE WORLD!! It is melt in your mouth goodness. He has fresh fish flown in daily. It is such a treat to go and Jeff surprised me a couple of weeks ago and set up a double date for the two of us and Jerry and Robin. We sat in the private bar so I didn't get a ton of great pics of Keiiche and his sushi making skills but I will when we go back in a year-because that's how often we go now because it's pretty pricey but so worth it!

The Address is 500 North Elm Street Denton TX 76201. Call (940)382-7505 to make a reservation and then when you are done eating post a comment on my blog to thank me for introducing you to the best steak and sushi you have and will have ever eaten in your life :)

Jeff, me, Robin, and Jerry are excited!
Keiiche likes to be called "K" by his friends so we call him "K"

K is hard at work! He makes his own wasabi from the root right in front of you! Fresh wasabi is the best!

This is the tenderloin sushi die for.

Futomaki roll

I took lots of pics of Robin because it was her first time to ever eat sushi. I am sure she was so freaked out because it was also the first time she had really hung out with me and Jeff before. She was such a trooper though! Sorry Robin!

My favorite rolls are the snow crab & avocado roll and the shrimp & asparagus roll

Jerry was trying to teach Robin how to eat with chop sticks but she was a pro and didn't need any lessons :)

Robin's official first bite of sushi ever! I am sure she is thrilled that I captured this moment for her.
In the name of KEIICHI- I HAVE NEVER DROPPED A PIECE OF SUSHI ON THE FLOOR-until that night :( And i did it twice when I was trying to transfer it over to Jerry's plate. I felt so bad about it...yes it is that good.

Jeff ordered the "melt in your mouth goodness" steak and mashed potatoes.
K even makes his own SHERBERT and it is INCREDIBLE!
Last but not Least- K is also famous for his Tiramisu! The best desert I have ever eaten! Yes-it is an Italian desert and he has Italian pasta on his menu that i didn't even get a chance to talk/write about but it is also OUTSTANDING!!

Thanks for a great surprise date hubby!!

I hope I didn't scare Robin to the point that she won't want to hang out with us again :)

Thanks K for another fun and tasty night at the best restaurant around!!


  1. You so have to take me there! Looks delish!

    P.S. I love your new I Love Denton series! =)

  2. So cute pics! I definitely remember you talking about this place like forever ago....Ben and I def need to come try it sometime...on a special occasion it sounds like.