Thursday, April 7, 2011

Smoke and the DMA

The weekend before Jeff's Birthday we went to Smoke at the Belmont for Brunch and then to the DMA to see the Gustav Stickley Exhibit that Jessica designed! Jessica is my sister-in-law and is so unbelievably talented! She is the Exhibition Designer at the Dallas Museum of Art and designs exhibits and oversees the production and set up of the exhibits as well. I hope I got it right Jess!

She was even published a couple of weeks ago and you can see it here:

So excited for Jessica!!!!!

We started the day with brunch at the Belmont which had the number #1 best Eggs Benedict I have ever tasted in my life! It is difficult to find a restaurant that makes a really good one but I finally found it and it is the best!!! We ordered a pancake fruit medley dish for Luke that was also pretty phenomenal on the taste buds!

After filling our bellies Luke fell asleep on the way to the museum and styed asleep through out the entire exhibit!!! How lucky were we?!?! At the very end he woke up and we went to play in the children's area so it worked out perfect.

Jeff and I got in trouble several times at the museum which I find typically amusing. I set him up at one point because no one is aloud to take pictures in the exhibit and I whispered for him to take a picture while security wasn't looking. He got the picture but also got in trouble and of course I giggled like a school girl and ran off!

Here are some collages of our trip! I have been playing around on Picknik and love it! If you haven't already used it then give it a try! And if you have any other recommendations for picture editing please let me know!
On the way to brunch I saw this dog riding on the back of the motorcycle with glasses on and I had to take some pictures!! As soon as the man stopped-the dog pushed off the glasses with his paw! So cute-looked a lot like Toots when she was a puppy!

The Belmont also has some great views and funky decor! If you haven't been you really need to check it out for brunch!

How lucky are we that Luke slept through the entire exhibit??? Uncle Jerry is so awesome! We are so thankful of him and couldn't ask for a better Manny;)

After Luke woke up we headed to the children's section of the museum. It has tons of fun stuff for kids to look at and do. It's very interactive and guess what?? Jess designed this part too!

Luke could not get enough of the chair sculptures! He kept trying to climb on them..I don't think so!

So this tree became a very competitive sport for the boys. They were trying to throw an apple and have it stay on the top branch. Luke got in on the fun

Jeremy succeeded and "won" the competition. Jeff kept trying to knock Jeremy's apple down but it never happened. I you think they were always this competitive?

What a great day!


  1. For the record, I am just an exhibition designer, and NOT a curator, that would have taken many more years of school to get a PhD in Art History...and I'm thinking I've had my fair share of school for a while at least.


  2. Sorry Jes! I'll change it..jeff gave me the info!

  3. I love that you call Jeremy the Manny. ;) Poor guy.

  4. I am so proud of Jes! She is such a big timer. Also love the picnik collages. I will have to check it out and might call you if I need a tutorial!!