Saturday, April 16, 2011

Luke + Asher=best friendcousins

Asher is Dustin's little boy and Dustin is my brother! Asher is my very first nephew and he is the cutest-curly-headed kid you've ever seen! I laugh every time Luke and Asher get together because 1)They look completely different from one another 2)They act so silly around each other and constantly giggle 3) They are so close in age and live so close and that makes my heart smile.

Dustin and Asher came over a couple weeks ago to visit and we had such a great time! I love this age where Luke and Asher actually try to communicate and play with each other! It is so much fun!
Dustin and I were very close growing up and went through a lot together so seeing Asher and Luke together makes me so happy. I hope that they will continue to grow closer and always love each
other as much as they do now!

Asher looks so sophisticated coloring and...
Luke looks like a drooly ragamuffin.

Luke wanted Asher's bunny ears so we gave him a pair and but he only wanted Asher's-go figure.

Jeff took a photo shoot of us with our bunny ears on- i know- dorky but that's me

I love those cheeks!!!
There Luke is with his tongue out-again! He loves his tongue :)
Time to play outside on the 4-wheelers!

No matter how many times we tell him not to- he always go straight towards the street.

I'm pretty sure they were up to something or they just heard the ice cream truck.

Ice Cream Break! you scream i scream we all scream for ice cream!

My favorite little nephew!

Ice cream truck ice cream is the best but is it "real" ice cream? The gum balls for the eyes are marvelous too-remind me of childhood
Time to go inside for dinner, bath and bedtime (even though they just ate ice cream!)

This picture cracks me up because Asher is such a snacker!

Luke's secret hiding place- under the seat of his Handy Mandy car (Do you see what he has in there?) I can not tell you the numerous things I have found in that seat-from toothbrushes to earrings! If I can't find something, that is the first place I look and it is usually in there.
He thinks he is sneaky and hides around corners to stuff things in the seat while "no one is looking"

Do you remember this record player from when you were a kid?

Bath Time!!!
Look at this face Asher is giving me "Aunt Nat, why are you taking pics of us in the bath?? Leave us alone woman!!!"

Tow Little Monkeys Jumping on the BED!!! Uncle Dustin had a great time "scaring them"-They would all count together "1,2,3" and the Dustin would go after them and growl. It was hilarious to see their reactions!

I love Asher's facial expression in this picture! BAHAHAHAH!

They were worn out! Time for BED!

The Adventures of Luke And Asher will continue-so until Next time-Adios!


  1. This is weird, because I totally commented earlier, but I see that it's not on here! Sorry Nat! I really did!

    OMG those photos are so cute!! I love the matching bunny ears and especially the photos on the matching trucks- so cute. You're a really good photographer and Asher's hair is SO cute! Luke is handsome as always :)

  2. Ok, now I see what I did. After I commented, I didn't enter the code thing at the end, so it didn't post it :)

  3. I can't wait to see yall this weekend!! XOXOXO