Thursday, March 31, 2011



If you didn't know this I am pretty obsessed with fashion and I love to shop! If I could afford to go shopping on a daily basis I would :)!! One of my best friends ever, Saray Bermeo, told me about this blog and I LOVE IT!!! CHECK IT OUT!! I love Saray because she read the blog for the first time today and went to Urban Outfitters and Ann Taylor Loft straight after work to buy two of the skirts Chloe recommended! HA!! To only be a single gal, living in the heart of the shopping capital...CHICAGO!!!

Every time Jeff mentions that he wants a girl I say, "Are you sure?" because Lord knows I won't be able to resist dressing her up in all kinds of pretty little things!!!! And Jeff looks at me and says...I guess it would be cheaper to have another boy. My absolute weakness is shopping and I have gotten A LOT BETTER this year. I always say, "You knew I loved clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry before you married me!" He says, "You can only buy things that make you money." Seriously?

So, I'm thinking of doing a little fashion post every now and then but it would be for the working mom who doesn't wear high heels anymore.
Do you have any fashion blogs that you love too? Let me in on them!!

Love y'all and HAPPY THURSDAY..YAY!

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  1. LOL!!! Not sure either skirt looks as cute on me as they did on her but working on it. Maybe we can do a "who wore it best" section? J/K Love you bestie!!!