Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy 1 1/2 Birthday Little Luke!! WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!!

Hello again!! The Hardens are back!! Luke just turned 18 months old and we couldn't be more proud of our little man! I just wanted to update his stats: size, teeth, personality, interests, hobbies, relationship status, etc!

Luke @ 18 months:
Weight-31 lbs 92%
Height-34 1/2 inches 94%
Head size- 50 1/4 cm 96% (he has a big brain)

Interests: Hiding mommy's stuff under couch cushions, under rugs, under random furniture, and throwing it away. (In the past 2 months I have "lost" my teacher ID, the key to my school, the keys to the house, the alarm remote control to the house, the tv remote, earrings, bracelets, name it and he has hidden it or thrown it away if it belongs to me:)

He also loves loves loves to be outside. He calls it "sideside" and would stay out there all day if we let him. He loves to play with any type of ball and loves football (great..sigh), basketball, soccer, name. If it has a ball involved then he will play it!

He also loves music! He loves playing on the piano, drums, and guitar and he loves to dance! He also loves pretty girls (preferably 5-55 years of age) He goes for the older women and flirts like crazy (winking, blowing kisses, squealing) HA! He doesn't really care for women his age...I can see this getting really interesting in his teen years if he still has this "interest" in the older ladies..

Daddy's truck is also something that he can not get enough of! As soon as he hears Daddy pull in the driveway he yells "tuck tuck tuck!!" and runs to the back door. Jeff walks in the door, picks Luke up, and immediately has to take him to his truck (or he will throw a fit-throwing himself on the ground, screaming-ya know-the whole nine yards). He grabs the steering wheel, puts it in 4 wheel drive, turns on the AC, blinkers, windshield wipers, and pretty much anything that has a button or a switch. He can stay in the "tuck" for hours on end! The "tuck" is a great babysitter..yet we can't leave him in it alone :)

He loves our dog Toots too. He chases her around the house trying to pull her fur out (while laughing hysterically) and considers it one of his favorite past times. We are working on that one...

He is talking like crazy! Repeating every word we say so now we really have to be careful of the language we use around him!! I can only imagine him going to school one day and saying something that would totally mortify me like "My mom has boobies." Ha!! I say this because I have a speech kid at school that says this repeatedly to me! I have to stifle the laughter and it is hard to do!

He has a lot of teeth! I don't know how many-I'll have to count them and come back and let you know.

He's a huge fan of the tv shows- The Fresh Beat Band and Yo Gabba Gabba. I can probably sing every song to every single episode of each. As much as we get tired of watching them- they have saved us in many many ways.

He's a really happy boy with a HUGE personality and we are so blessed to have him as ours.

Happy 1 1/2 Birthday to our little bubs!


  1. Awww........what a beautiful little boy and family! Happy, happy, birthday my little grandson. So proud of all of y'all. Great job mom and dad! I love the pics, esp. the B&W and the one where he is laughing:) Love forever and ever, Mom, Nonna

  2. So glad you are back blogging! Wish we could see ya'll more often. Luke looks just adorable!! You need to follow my blog too girl!!

  3. Yea, you're blogging again! Love the new pics of Luke :) He is such a cutie pie!

  4. Adorable!!! Luke is quite the baby model... poses and all!