Thursday, March 31, 2011

St. Patty's Day and Yep we are Irish!!

Jeff and I don't get out too much with out Luke so we decided that this would be a day to celebrate since we are both Irish! I think it's hilarious that we decided to take family pics in the front yard before the celebrating began..but we were all wearing green and I just couldn't resist!

Hope you all drank some green beer on St. Patty's day too :)

Obviously the shananigans going on in the next pictures were minus Luke!

We must be getting really old because young girls kept saying, "You're 30 AND you're a mom! Wow! You look good!" (Wait a second! what is 30 AND a mom supposed to look like?!?!?!)


  1. You guys are so cute in your green! =)

  2. Loving those cute family pics! So cute!