Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chuck-E-Cheese is Where it's AT!!!

Since Luke did so well with his pictures we decided to take him to Chuck-E-Cheese for his "reward". Jeff, Luke, nor I had ever been there before and we didn't really know what to expect. I thought it was probably going to be like Show Biz Pizza. Who remembers that place? I had a birthday party there once and I loved it! Anyway, we get there and Luke AND Jeff were in Chuck-E-Cheese heaven!!!

When we first arrived I ordered 50 tokens and a small pizza and drink for Luke all under $20! What a deal!

Luke loved it! He ran from one game to the next and as soon as we put a token in the slot-he was off to the next one! He tried to sit in many of the kids lap's or he would just push them off the rides so that was a little embarrassing but all the kids and parents were so nice about it. One mom said, "He's fine!" and I said, "He's trying to sit on your kid's head." HAHAHAHAHAHA! The joys of having an 18-month-old boy are endless!

Jeff was so excited about the beer, pizza, and the games. He thought the pizza was delicious wanted to take his workers there for lunch... Jeremy said "If you take tons of big guys there without kids..y'all may look like pedophiles." Ha! I think Jeremy is right! Sorry are going to have to find another place to take your big boys.

Luke could have stayed there all day but after noon it became crowded and it was Luke's naptime so we decided it was time to go. (The key to Chuck-E-Cheese is to get there early in the morning!) They open at 9:00 on Saturday mornings! Luke was not happy about leaving and on the way out we got to say "hi" to Chuck-E-Cheese and I think he was a little traumatized by the big mouse. Overall it was a great time and we will definitely be back to visit Chuck-E-Cheese again!
This is the first game played!

He looks so serious in this picture! He's trying to decide where to go next!

Oops, this is when Luke began to try and "push" the little boy out of the ride. The little boy looked at his mom and said, "I don't want him in here!"

Trying to keep up with his Daddy!

Are we bad parents for letting Luke climb all over the skee ball machines? Maybe but..that's the greatness of going to Chuck-E-Cheese in the morning..none of the workers cared. They were mostly college students who looked like they had too much fun the night before and were lounging around the place not noticing anything that was going on around them!

Luke attempted to ride the horse by himself at first...

Jeff decided to get on with was hillarious! He almost broke the ride! It would barely move with him on it! Again... no one seemed to care..

Luke climbed up the obstacle course and Jeff freaked out and tried to follow him but he couldn't fit up it!

Uh-oh! Here comes Chuck-E!!

BYE Chuck-E-Cheese!!!! We will be back!!


  1. Luke is such a precious little man!! I'm so glad you are back to blogging! Tell Jeff the 'ole Lizard says "hi"!

  2. Love all the pics! Luke is adorable and Jeff is crazy for riding those kiddie rides!! HA! You are a blog pro already!

  3. Jeff is cracking me up in these pictures. He looks like he's having even more fun than Luke!!!

  4. Liz I will tell Jeff! So excited for you! You are going to love having a little boy!!
    Camila and Lindsey-You two are the ones that inspired me to get back with it!!

  5. Hey! What about me?? Haha. Cute pics Nat!
    Isn't it great when you can find a place the WHOLE family enjoys?! Haha

  6. I so enjoyed reading this! Isn't it funny how there is always a million pics of the dad and baby, but only two of the mom!?! You look gorgeous by the way!!