Thursday, March 17, 2011

Make sure you love the family before you say YES to the ring!

Before I start I just wanted everyone to know that I LOVE my in-laws and am so blessed to have married Jeff to be a part of their wonderful family and all the fun that comes with it! (I was on the phone with my sister-in-law Jess last night and I told her the title..she paused and then I said "Isn't that a great title?" and she said "Are there some hidden under tones there?" I said "NO I love your family!!!!" I thought it was pretty funny though so I just had to put that in!

This past Saturday night the Knowles family invited us to come over for a cousin gathering! David is Jeff's oldest cousin and he is definitely the leading man in keeping the family gatherings going. I love my family so much and am so blessed to have married into this one! My mom told me at a very young age, “You don’t just marry the man, you marry the family so make sure you love the family too.” My mom is so right!! So all of you single women and men out there….BE SURE YOU LOVE THE FAMILY BECAUSE IT WILL BE YOURS TOO ONE DAY!!!”

Back to the Knowles house-we each brought a dish and KK made mac-n-cheese, beans, and the best peach cobbler ever! Their neighbor made amazing smoked brisket, Linds brought the potato salad from Hot & Blue (soooo good), I made the cream corn and green salad…. so talk about a feast!! I wish I would have taken a picture of the spread….maybe next time.

Anyway, I'm not going to write much because I have some great pics that say it all!!
Cousin Aubrey, Lindy, and Luke!
I love how Aubrey is tickling Luke in this picture! He is trying not to smile!

Luke and Aubrey playing on David and KK's you think they loved it or what?

This picture is priceless!! You can see Lindy in the background thinking, "Should I let them be doing this?" HAHAHAHAHAH!

This is KK's 13 yr old dog named Macey *I think* but she is very old, blind and deaf *I think*... Luke was wanting to pet her and grab her the entire night. We would tell him, "Gentle Luke" and at first he was gentle but then he would try to yank her fur out (like he does to Toots) so we had to keep him away but he was so drawn to her! Aubrey of course is always gentle....what a sweet girl! Oh..the difference between little girls and boys!

Two of Luke's favorite things: Uncle Jerry and the Roller Coster

Uncle David and his little girl!
I love how Luke and Aubrey are looking at eachother in this pic! She is telling him to "go" and he keeps psyching her out and then finally slides!

I love how Luke always turns to one side when he slides! He's bracing himself!


I love this shirt! When Luke was born, Jeff constantly said, "I am your father," (In his Darth Vader voice) so when I saw this shirt for sale at GAP, I had to buy if for Luke!

KK looks great! What do you think she's having??? I kinda feel like it's a boy this time! But either way we are so excited to welcome Baby Knowles!!!

The boys..drinking
The boys....eating
Sweet Kinley with her baby doll!
The boys again! Don't they look so excited to get their picture taken?
The girls and the kiddos

Luke and sweet!
Aunt Jesss and Luke!

When our little one gets dirty in the Texas heat...we just strip him down to his diaper..I mean he would much rather be running around naked than anything else anyway!

The boys were chatting outside, the girls were chatting inside, and the babies wanted to be part of both so they walked in and out and in and out of this door all night :)
Luke is showing me where the moon is! He keeps pointing up at the sky saying "moon"!!!

The little girls are still swingin'
It was bath time and as you can see Luke was not too happy about it. He has never taken a bath before with another person, much less with two little girls, so he wasn't feeling say the least. He screamed and cried when we tried to put him close to the water. Aubrey and Kinley didn't even notice..they just kept playing and chatting it up!

Thank God for Aunt Jess! She was blowing bubbles on his belly to try to make him laugh! We gave him a spit bath and called it a night!

Thanks for the good food, good conversation, and good times KNOWLES FAMILY!!!!!


  1. SO SAD we don't live closer so we can join the fun! Looks like a blast! Luke looks so much like you!!

  2. Cute pics from the night! We had so much fun. Glad you are back in the blogging world! I missed you!